Icon Raiden Deadfall Glove

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The RAIDEN Deadfall glove was built for a split directive with one solution – offroad wearability with street toughness. Traditional MX gloves are built to prevent blisters and provide limited coverage against dirt, but their palm material is not suited for asphalt encounters. In contrast, the Deadfall glove features our patented one-piece leather Battlehide™ palm. No seams or stitching provides excellent coverage while minimizing vulnerability and blistering. The backhand is also more fit for dualsport use. An integrated D3O® knuckle insert provides reinforcement while a sublimated mesh chassis delivers full breathability.

  • MATERIAL: Polymesh Backhand, Battlehide™ GoatskinPalm
  • PROTECTORS: D3O® Knuckle Insert
  • DETAILS: Debossed Neoprene Cuff, Nylon Webbing Pull Tab