Icon 1000 Cheeter Glove

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Have you ever asked “WWSMQD” (What Would Steve McQueen Do)? Well, great news, he would totally buy this glove. We have it on good authority from his thoroughly whored-out identity and played-out corpse that he absolutely BFF’d sublimated cat prints. Seriously, though we wish it didn’t require the seriously. This is a leopard-printed, named-after-a-cheetah bare-chested hand intervention. Battlehide goatskin palm, sublimated backhand, and D3O® knuckle construct a thoroughly modern piece in a world gone sepia. McQueen is dead, but you can still buy what you think he would have worn if he were still alive.


  • MATERIAL: Sublimated Poly Backhand, Proprietary Seamless Battlehide Palm
  • PROTECTORS: D3O® Knuckle Insert
  • DETAILS: Touchscreen Enabled, Debossed Neoprene Cuff, Nylon Webbing Pull Tab