Bazzaz ZFI Fuel Tuning YAMAHA Applications

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The Bazzaz Z-Fi Fuel Control Unit takes operational command of all fuel injectors not just half like our competitors. This is a significant advantage in realizing the perfect tune, resulting in significantly better throttle response and overall engine performance.

Z-Fi is a plug and play unit that piggy-backs onto the stock ECU. Each unit comes with an application specific harness that utilizes OEM connectors for simple installation, and comes pre-programmed for either the stock exhaust or a slip-on.

Featuring a USB interface with industry recognized easy to use software, the Z-Fi can be tuned at the bike OR because the system can be USB powered, tuning can be done at a PC.

Tune to perfection. Use the Z-AFM self tuning module with the Z-Fi unit.

Note: All Products are for Closed Race Course Use Only.