Honda CBR600 Street Oil Change Kit Motul 7100 4T 10w/40 and HiFlo 204 Race filter

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This is the same oil/filter combo we use on all of the Trackstar Racing Customer bikes. The best oil and filter protection you can get! 10W/40. 3 Liters of 7100 Motul 4T 10w/40 and HiFlo 138 Race Filter with nut,

7100 4T:

100% Synthetic 4-Stroke lubricant – Ester Technology – Meets bike manufacturer specifications. Excellent shear resistance protecting engine and gearbox. Smooth shifting. Meets JASO MA2 specifications for optimal wet clutch performance. Suitable for catalytic converters.

Please verify your oil change capacity.  If you bike takes more than 3 liters order the CBR1000 kit and the filter options will be the same.

Oil Filter Chart:

CBR600F2   303

CBR600F4i   204

CBR600RR 03-15   204